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December 10, 2015

Media Contacts: Gayle Jackson, President, DeSean Jackson Foundation; deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com

December 8, 2015 (11:08 a.m.)

[Re-Post and Update, 12/10/2015]

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DeSean Jackson, CEO, of the DeSean Jackson Foundation (DJF); and, his mother, Gayle Jackson, President, of the DeSean Jackson Foundation, extend their sincere thanks for the unconditional love and support of the Extreme Skins Tailgate fans who worked diligently and hard to raise $905.00 for The DeSean Jackson Foundation.

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DeSean Jackson states that he is humbled and honored to have DJF be chosen as the charity of choice for their holiday giving; and, applauds the group for their history of supporting numerous non-profit and public charities that include the individual passion and purpose of Washington Redskins’ players off the field.

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Mrs. Christie Lopez, Co-Founder, of the Extreme Skins’ Tailgate, presented the proceeds from the event to DeSean Jackson at DeSean’s annual, “Shop with a Jock” event, at the Wal-Mart, in Sterling, VA.  Ms. Lopez also volunteered at the event and states that it was very moving seeing Jackson interact with the children; and, the Redskins’ players who came out to support DeSean and his foundation.

Official Extremeskins Tailgate & PIG Roast was held on December 7, 2015

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Christie and Doug, Extreme Skins, Co-Founders

Chris and Christie, Extreme Skins TailGate, Founders


The Extremeskins Tailgate has become an institution at Fedex Field, and it is because of all the members involved. The dedication, hard work and investments by folks year in and year out is second to none. This tailgate is getting bigger every year and is well respected because of our passion, our friendly welcoming environment and the charity we do. The Redskins organization has recognized our contributions and how we present ourselves and because of that, has recognized our tailgate as official Redskins Fan Captains. We continue to strive to do our best as the best tailgate at Fedex Field!

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Once again, the Extremeskins Tailgate will have containers available for the Extremeskins Charity Funds. There will be one container for our charity of choice for this game; and, the recipient will be The DeSean Jackson Foundation. Please donate what you can; and, the funds will be presented to the foundation on Monday, December 8, at the DeSean Jackson: Shop With A Jock annual event for vulnerable youth, at the Wal-Mart, in Sterling, VA, at 5:30 p.m.

What An Extreme Skins Tailgate?

We are a gathering of die hard Washington Redskins fans who love to come together and have a good time out in the lots before and after the game. Our tailgate has become a very popular point at Fedex Field, and we have been featured in numerous media broadcasts. If you like to eat great food and enjoy tasty beverages while playing games, listening to tunes and chatting about the burgundy and gold with fellow die hard fans, then this is the place for you!


Who Do I Contact?

You can get almost every question answered by posting in this thread, but if you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact Huly or myself via PM or by emailing: pez@gwu.edu or skinshuly@gmail.com



For More Information About The DeSean Jackson Foundation, please visit, http://www.deseanjacksonfoundation.org.
Contact: Gayle Jackson, President, or Joie Jackson, P/R and Media Relations E-Mail: deseanjacksonfoundationceo@yahoo.com

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