DeSean Jackson holds Youth Camp at Vacaville Christian School

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This upcoming weekend of June 10-12, 2011, DeSean Jackson and his older brother Byron Jackson will be bringing the DeSean Jackson F.A.S.T. Camp  to Vacaville Christian Schools in Vacaville, California.



DeSean Jackson, who played at the University of California and currently plays with the Philadelphia Eagles, and his brother Byron Jackson, who played football at San Jose State and with the Kansas City Chiefs, are holding this camp to help kids with the proper skills that are needed to help them both mentally and physically when it comes to playing in the NFL; and, life skills.

The Jacksons have five perspectives on life that they live by and apply to the program as it has been a key element to both of their stories of success when it comes to making it to the NFL. The five aspects to the program are: Desire, Dreams, Vision, Belief and Power. Campers attending this weekend’s camp will be instilled with the five points as the Jacksons hope that they leave with the motivation to let it help them with their everyday lives and not just with football.

DeSean Jackson and Byron Jackson will be speaking about their journey in life to make it to the NFL on Thursday, June 9, 2011. This session will be free of charge and anyone from the community who would like to attend is welcome to come out and listen to the brothers speak.

Aside from attending the University of California, DeSean Jackson was born and raised in California which is why he is constantly giving back to the communities of both California and Pennsylvania where he plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. Byron, who wasn’t as successful as DeSean Jackson currently is when he had his stint in the NFL, has been documenting DeSean for his entire life as he’s been on the same route that his brother was on to make it to the NFL. He currently has the DeSean Jackson Project: The Making of a Father’s Dream in the works; a documentary film that shows the life of someone with the determination to beat all the odds and to become one of the greatest players in the NFL.

As the only player in NFL history to be named to the NFL Pro Bowl at two different positions – wide receiver and kick returner on special teams in 2009 – DeSean Jackson is on the right track. It’s not going to take a Super Bowl for people to finally realize how good DeSean Jackson really is or how far he’s made it in life. When he was selected by the Philadelphia Eagles 49th overall in the second round of the 2008 NFL Draft, it was one of the first odds that DeSean Jackson beat. Now, he has the entire world as his stage to show all the doubters in life that hard work, faith and determination pays off down the line.

For someone who was told his entire life that he was too small to play football, DeSean Jackson has become one of the biggest players in the entire NFL.






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