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Los Angeles, CA

Post by: J.L. Adams, DeSean Jackson Foundation

Robin Daniels, Keisha Daniels, Penny Daniels, Jessie Crummie


Sisters of Watts, a community-based, initiative founded by Robin Daniels, her sisters (Keisha and Penny Daniels), and their cousin, Jessie Crummie, is the recipient of the prestigious NFL Foundation Players’ Community Service Match grant from former LA Rams’, DeSean Jackson, who is a Las Vegas Raider.

Sisters of Watts

DeSean Jackson states that he chose to identify several grassroots organizations, in Los Angeles, that are making social impacts in their communities to distribute his NFL Foundation Players’ match grant to support their mission and work in the community.

DeSean and his mother, Gayle Jackson, Co-Founders, of the DeSean Jackson Foundation, chose the Sisters of Watts for the exemplary work that they are doing in the Watts community; and, their ability to cultivate key partnerships in both the public and private sectors while advocating for equality across race, gender, education, employment, healthcare and economic investment in Watts. Furthermore, Jackson said that the ladies, of the Sisters of Watts, remind him so much of his phenomenal mother, Gayle; and the integral role she has played in his life and also impacted each of the communities where he was privileged to play in the NFL; regardless of whether or not the team, city or fans embraced us and our foundation. “I am humbled and honored to have the Sisters of Watts advocating for our community”, states DeSean Jackson.

More About the Sisters of Watts

Our Mission is to unite neighborhoods, promote community, strengthen families, and form meaningful relationships

Website: https://www.sistersofwatts.org/

More About the NFL Foundation Players’ Community Match Grant Program

This grant is designed to provide nonprofit organizations with funding of up to $5,000 on behalf of a current or former NFL player who has donated financially to a nonprofit organization doing work to better the community . This grant allows NFL players and Legends to help support broad community efforts through the work of nonprofit organizations. Areas of support include, but are not limited to, Disease Prevention and Awareness, Mental Health, Youth Health & Fitness, Military Appreciation, Disaster Relief, Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault, Character Education, Anti-Bullying, Animal Welfare, etc. In order to be eligible for match funding (1:1 match must be provided by the current or former NFL player applicant),