DJACC Leader

Reprinted By:  DeSean Jackson Foundation

(On Desean Jackson)

Bucs WR DeSean Jackson – Photo by Mary Holt

“Desean’s having an excellent camp. I think Desean has really asserted himself, not only as a veteran, but as a leader. He’s tried to take on more of a leadership role and I’m really pleased with him. We haven’t hit him as much as we should, but that’s progress.”

(On how Desean Jackson has taken over a leadership role)
“What he says, his body language. Desean has instant street cred because of his career. The players respect the heck out of Desean, so when Desean has good body language, he’s talked to the team twice so far, he’s going to be the captain this week in Tennessee. You know, it’s a big difference when you see a guy that you respect out there doing what he’s supposed to do versus a guy that’s out there moping around and hats off to him, he’s doing a great job.”