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Desean and Tom Graves

We ask that you will join us in a prayer circle for Tom Seagraves.

Mrs. Dawn Seagraves released a public statement today advising that her husband, Tom, is scheduled for surgery, a distral panceatectomy and spleanectomy, on Monday, at Fox Chase. “Its a major surgery, per Mrs. Seagraves, so please continue to keep our family in your prayers and thoughts.”

DeSean and I understand and respect the Seagraves’ battle. We lost DeSean’s father, William Jackson, to pancreatic cancer in 2009 after only 5 months of treatment. Tom Seagraves was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in August 2012; and, continues to fight and raise awareness to Pancreatic Cancer on a daily basis. Tom, Dawn and their children have done so much to raise awareness to this disease; and, empathy and compassion for both those afflicted with Pancreatic Cancer and their loved ones.

“Just looking at him [Tom Seagraves] is really inspiring, because I can see him fighting. I can see that same look my dad had,” DeSean said to a local ABC news reporter recently. “Tom keeps me focused on what is important in life; and, to strive to make a difference in the lives touched by this dreadful disease and other catastrophic life experiences. Many of those afflicted may not have the resources to endure that the NFL or Philadelphia Eagles provided for my family and for that I am truly grateful and obligated to ‘give back’.”

DeSean and I ask that all of our friends, fans, family and Desean’s 500,000+ Twitter fans join us in a prayer circle for Tom Seagraves and his family.

Thank you.

Gayle Jackson, President, The DeSean Jackson Foundation