The Bully Police Squad Founder and National Executive Director to meet with President Obama.

The Bully Police Sqaud Founder Karen Wojcikowski and her National Executive Director Debra Gorczynski will be in Washington D. C. for a conference on bullying with President Obama.


(PRLog Press Release) September 09, 2011 —  –  – Pro Bowl receiver Desean Jackson and his mother Gayle Jackson , Albert Harris Jr CEO of White Light Productions, close friend of Albert Harris Jr model Lauren Elliott, Bully Survivor and spokesperson Nadin Khoury, The Bully Police Squad Founder Karen Wojciikowski and National Executive Director Debra Gorczynski will be guests of President Obama for a conference on anti-bullying to be held at the White House September 23, 2011.Whitelight Productions in conjunction with Cinema Classics Inc and Pinnacle Studios have announced that they will begin filming “INNOCENCE LOST.” The filming will start in May 2012 and the film will be in theaters by November 2012. The film is based on the events of Tyler Clementi and Phobe Prince.WhiteLight Productions is also doing the “BULLIED” series, “WRONGFULLY CONVICTED” and anti-bullying PSA’s with The Bully Police Squad, Nadin Khoury and Gayle Jackson.On January 11, 2011, Nadin Khoury, an innocent teenage boy, was brutally attacked by six bullies. These bullies took turns punching and kicking Khoury, who was 13 years old at the time of the incident. After they had injured, terrified, and humiliated Khoury, his bullies left him hanging upside down from a tree. Amid all of this violence, Khoury’s attackers managed to capture the entire horrific experience on video. Later, one of them posted the video on YouTube.While many victims of bullying never fully recover from their experiences, Khoury has made an impressive comeback. When I interviewed him, he informed me that his life has changed for the better. He added, “I go to a wonderful school and I have lots of new friends.” He has found a way to move on with this life. He has started boxing and writing music, for example.    Karen Wojcikowsk is  President and Founder of The Bully Police Squad. She is a Chicago Police Officer and Public Speaker, I speak on bullying and social cruelty. Also, she is a member of The National Bully Police and a member of the Bully Police National Public Speakers Guild.Debra Gorczynski is the National Executive Director of the Bully Police Squad , she oversees the daily operations of the organization. She advocates for bullied children and makes sure the staff maintains all of the states bullying laws. Alyson Marcy Luftig of will have exclusive behind the scenes pictures and scoop of the event. So, check blog for after the event for a first look on this historic event.The group will be leaving on September 22nd for some filming and be part of the conference with the Obama’s at the White House on September 23, 2011.