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DeSean Jackson brings message to San Quentin

DeSean Jackson has been doing a significant amount of charity work this  offseason, with visits to Philadelphia and in his native California. He has  talked about prevention bullying and raised money to help cure pancreatic cancer  with his foundation in memory of his father.

Jackson recently visited San Quentin, the most famous active prison in  California, to talk to inmates, listen to their stories and them to his, shoot  some hoops.

Oakland Tribune  columnist Monte Poole accompanied Jackson to his recent visit to the prison. “I see people here who walked the same streets I did, trying to survive,”  says Jackson, who grew up in inner-city Los Angeles and attended Long Beach Poly  High. “I’m a part of that. But I had to learn how to put it to the side.

“All my life, it was thrown to me. ‘You’re that dude. You’re going to take it  to the NFL.’ Now I want to make a difference.”

Jackson had visited the prison previously after he began at Cal, and promised  he would be back again.

“You’re going to see us again,” Jackson says. “We will be coming back  here.”

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Note:  DeSean Jackson continues to make annual visits to visit the inmate population at San Quention during the off season without being accompanied by reporters, cameras and is well-respected among the general population in the prison including some on death row.